Skype Meetings Web app not launching WIN 10

Hello world,

Yesterday I was invited to a skype meeting. OK, all good for now, went to the link provided, downloaded the Skype Meetings Web app, installed it, but when I wanted to connect to the meeting I got the app launcher window asking me to choose an app to open the link with. I spent the entire day trying to fix this, used all possible browsers, tried many fixes that I found on web, but nothing was working. I tried to find on web the installation location of the Skype Meetings Web app with no luck, so I was stuck. Today, being still pissed off that I cannot find anywhere the path where this app is installed I started browsing the registry with reg edit and BAM! Found the path.

The path where Skype Meetings Web app is installed and where the Skype Meetings App.exe can be found is:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkypeForBusinessPlugin\version_number\Skype Meetings App.exe

Of course replace the username and version_number with your current data.

Cool, at this point, when the app launcher window opens, I browse to the above path, selected the Skype Meetings App.exe and it’s working.



Good luck!

… in my opinion